She melts into the landscape
Slips into her coat
Unrecognizable, opaque
Her presence indiscernible
Among the unstable shadows

Becoming one with her surroundings
She dwells in the violent fantasies
Of tourists
Mythical tropics with dancing roses
Uprooted bodies
They conflate her with her milieu
She stares at the one who tries to steal her
I am the forest, she says
Part flora, part woman
I am at home

Zentai, performance and series of photographs, Ana Hupe, 2013.

Textile motifs, Joiri Minaya, 2020.

Excerpt from Laura Levin’s book Performing Ground: Space, Camouflage, and the Art of Blending In (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 28.
Corps Roca, performance by Ileana Hernandez during a residency at Centre Verticale, in Laval, 2018. Photo:

Segundo Chomón, The Magic Roses, 1906, 3 min.

“Unearthing the Creativity within Toronto’s Suburbs,” article by Chris Hampton, The Globe and Mail, October 5, 2017.