A virtual experimental

On abandoned lands, life returns despite previous disruptions. The vegetation is once again left to itself, now free to grow as it wishes. Plants are resourceful; they adapt the pace of their growth to the passing of seasons, use what is within their reach, know how to find good allies, always seeking to perpetuate cycles of renewal.     
Like all resilient flora, the most engaged and durable art practices are nourished by a proliferation of activities: experimentation, exchanges of knowledge, periods of rest, travel, documentation, research, encounters, collecting materials, and more. This creative profusion does not necessarily result in a completed work, as the objective is not to reach an end but to ensure its own continuity.     

LA FRICHE is an experimental virtual space—created as an extension of the exhibition Cultivating Humility | M8jagen piwihozw8gan—that brings together fragments of fertile ideas shared by each of the artists presented. Evincing a plurality of perspectives and approaches, the elements gathered into constellations underline, among other things, the cultural, philosophical, medicinal, and spiritual knowledges that can be gleaned from plants, as well as their radical potential for resistance. A collection of texts, images, hyperlinks, video excerpts, notes, and sound recordings, LA FRICHE offers a glimpse into what makes these creative practices blossom.

Laura Demers
Assistant curator, web project

L’événement d'art actuel
de Saint-Hyacinthe

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